Friday, August 28, 2015

April 2015

We went down to Roscoe Village to check out some more of the shops there.  Since we had not eaten any lunch we decided to try the Medberry Café. We ordered a pulled pork sandwich that we shared.  It was yummy! 

That evening we headed back to the church for the quarterly branch FHE.  It was not well attended, but it was fun to visit and learn a gospel message about the resurrection with those that were able to come. One family is assigned to take care of the evening events. After the lesson we played a fun game that is something like name that tune.  Bro. Jacobs had top hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Country, Elvis, and the Beatles.  The team that got the most correct obviously were the winners.  Our team did well on the practice run, Elder Pedersen’s team stunk, but we stunk on the real competition.   The person giving the clues was from your own team.  They could not hum or sing they could only make the sound “doot” to the tune.  It was really hard.  We laughed so hard at the ones trying to make sounds of the tune.  Elder Pedersen was on a different team than Sister Pedersen and he did a good job of impersonating Elvis and the Beatles, but it was hard.  He didn’t know most of the songs and it was hard for him to remember the tune of the ones he did, but it was fun.  Afterwards we had rice krispie treats.
Elder Pedersen was off to help at Habitat again.  He finally finished putting the bathroom sub-floor back down. We went for our scheduled visit with a less-active family in the afternoon, but they were not home so we went up to the church to practice the piano and do indexing.  We also ordered a headstone for Heather.  

Now she has a headstome and a footstone!!!

After our time of practicing and other things at the church we headed back down the hill and decided to stop at the family's home to see if anyone would answer.  The mother answered, but didn’t invite us in.  She visited with us on the porch and we made another appointment for Friday afternoon.  The elders are going to come with us. In  the evening we had an appointment to teach  a  single mom a discussion along with the elders.  It went pretty well.  Sister Pedersen was entertaining her 2 year old son who is a cute little guy full of energy. Eventually Elder Pedersen helped entertain him while the elders taught the discussion. We invited her to watch conference and the women’s conference.  We hope that she will.  She is really trying to be a good mom and person, but she doesn’t take time to study and pray about the things we teach her and she doesn’t want to make a mistake so she chooses not to make a decision. She did say she would come to church.

Moving an investigator family, the  Lyons!!
Their apartment!

Started raining so we rented a U-Haul.  AZ license plates!

Finally everything is inside 7 hours later!

Hurried home to clean up and headed off with the elders to have dinner with the Binks family! Italian meal with berry pie and ice cream for dessert.  Yum!!!

Easter weekend with Jasen & Janae and their kids!  What a fun weekend!!

Andrew in the candy store!!!

Fishing in our Pond!!

Andrew & Cole!


Dad & son!!!

Dad & daughters!! Madelynn hooked one!!!

Jasen's catch!!

Over the river!!!

The Easter Bunny found them in Ohio!!!

Zone Training at the Newark building on utilizing ward councils in hastening missionary work!

P-day Activities!
President Welker overseeing the brake pad installation!!
Planting "taters" at the Welkers!!!  Dirty fun!

Sister Pedersen needed work clothes to help plant taters so Sister Welker fixed her up!!

Elder Larsen cuttin' taters!!

Working hard!!

Still at it!!!

All done!!! Yeah!!!

Senior Social in Dayton at the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum

After a wonderful lunch in a local ward building and some instructions from President Daines we headed over to the Museum to wonder around and look at all the displays!

President & Sister Daines are standing next to us.
Elder & Sister Brower-she is Kathy O'Meara's cousin.  He is the area Doctor.

This exhibit was very entertaining!

Elder Pedersen served in the AF from Dec. 1970-Sep. 1974 & was stationed @ March AFB in CA!!!

This is the plane (Boxcar) that dropped the second nuclear bomb over Japan that ended World War II.
Our First Community 3rd Friday Dinner/Game night!


Dirty marbles!

Hello Korie!

Service Project at Sister Mizer's

Sister Hall got attacked!!

Sister Mizer
Monday evening we visited with a part member family, Terrie & Chip Klein.  They were married at a very young age & have been married for 36 years. We had a very nice visit with them.  Chip’s father passed away recently so we discussed his feelings of now being the Patriarch of his family.

 Wednesday the Halls invited the elders and us to their home for breakfast because we have our Zone meetings in the building that they would attend if they weren’t assigned to help the branch.  So at 7am we headed over to Heath and had a lovely breakfast and visit before our meeting.

Brother & Sister Hall
Zone meeting was awesome as usual. Elder Rawlings, one of the Zone leaders, reminded us that the Savior never forgot His purpose and we need to remember our purpose and why we are here; enduring to the end by living the gospel, helping to gather Israel through missionary work. Sister Ure, a sister leader, reminded us that we need to be bold in extending an invitation to our investigators. Elder Couch, the other Zone leader, reminded us that as we are more obedient we will yield more fruit.

At institute we got a good laugh from Sister Little.  She is an active, divorced sister that has a concern about an eternal companion.  She is in her mid-60s and very independent.  She expressed an idea about, “what if I meet my eternal companion in the spirit world, and he would probably be a neanderthal caveman, how will that marriage take place?”  President Welker jokingly said, “your caveman will just pull you around by the hair to the Temple, to which she quickly replied, “that will be the first divorce in the spirit world.”

We attended the Columbus, Ohio Temple 8pm session and then we cleaned the temple afterward. While waiting for the others in our group to dress Sister Pedersen began polite conversation with a counselor in the temple presidency, President Dean.   She asked if he lived close to the temple.  He said that they lived about 10 minutes away depending on the traffic, but that they lived for many years in Wooster, OH.  She asked him if he knew a man by the name of Butch.  At first he said “no” and after he thought about it for a while he remembered a man in the ward by that name. He went to the computer and there are only 2 members of the church with his exact name and he found him in Florida.  He gave her his name and number. (Bill Osborne, an inactive member of the branch, joined the church because of Butch’s example & wanted to find Butch to let him know.)

Elder Pedersen called Sister Little to inquire about a family that lives behind her and she had given an invitation to dinner. She told us that they were having a huge garage sale in the neighborhood.  We hurried over only to discover that the neighbors had closed up their things, but Elder Pedersen found a treasure next door.   
Check it out!  Elder Pedersen practicing his golf skills!!
Trying to keep up with Obama.  We found a few cereal bowls, a couple of serving platters, a hot pad and mitt, puzzles for the kids, and a couple of cloth napkins.  We spent a total of $5.

We called Heather Page to come to see Tyler’s art at the High School Art Show. We had fun with Heather and her kids, especially Elder Pedersen.

This is our big Primary putting their CTR beads on their string.  We had an awesome day today.  They were all very well behaved.

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