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March 2015

Burr!!  84ºF in Mesa   -19ºF in Ohio!
Woke up our first morning to this beautiful scene!  We are suppose to drive in this?

We are serving as member and leadership support missionaries in the small branch here. We are trying to become familiar with the area, but the snow is slowing us down.
We met our Mission President and his wife and the mission staff at the mission office in Powell when we arrived.  Elder Byington gave us the keys to our home and sent us on our way.  The elders serving in the area met us at Walmart and directed us to our "cottage in the woods."  Thank goodness!!

On P-day the first week in March our elders invited us to tour the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Roscoe Village.  It was very interesting.  It was raining that day so we took our umbrella inside. They have special areas to keep them, so when we left Elder Pedersen forgot ours and we had to return the next day in hopes that it would still be there as they were already closed when we remembered it.  Fortunately is was right where he left it.

These stones were found in the Hopewell Indian Earthworks in Newark, Ohio.
On these stones is an engraving of Moses and the tablets and the hieroglyphics are reformed Egyptian!!!

Our first Transfers Meeting was on March 4.  We were not able to attend because Elder Pedersen wasn't feeling well and he took too many Zinc lozenges and that made matters worse.

We had stake conference on March 7th & 8th and the full-time missionaries were asked to sing so we went over to the Stake Center in New Albany twice this week also.

Rome Italy Temple Artist Rendition

Elder Gordon Smith of the Seventy was here for Stake Conference and he shared several great stories from his life.  One that we will share occurred when he was serving as a Senator from Oregon.  He did say that he has since sworn off of politics.  His secretary said that he had a phone call and wondered if he would want to take it. She said an Elder Uchtdorf was calling.  He said I'll take that call.  Elder Uchtdorf said he needed some help getting equal religious rights for members of the church in Italy.  Elder Smith visited with the Ambassador from Italy and discussed the matter with him.  The Ambassador suggested that he contact the Secretary of the Interior so he did and setup an appointment.  He then reported the appointed time to Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Uchtdorf said I'll meet you there.  So off to Rome they went.  When the secretary arrived her assistant was with her.  They explained why they were there and the assistant told them that he had been to SLC and toured Temple Square.  He said that two young women from Italy were he & his wife's tour guides and that he was very impressed with them and their government should do all they could to promote the development of this caliber of people.  Then he wondered if it were possible to have a building like that in their city to which Elder Uchtdorf responded, we will start on that tomorrow.  After Senator Smith was called to the Seventy and Elder Uchtdorf was called to be an Apostle and to be in the First Presidency, the Temple in Rome was announced and President Uchtdorf gave Elder Smith a thumbs up from the stand.  Heavenly Father truly is directing this work! 

We have been out trying to meet the members of the branch concentrating on the less-actives.  We met Sister Parsons, a sweet home bound member.  She joined the church because of the example of a school administrator. You never know who is watching.
Happiness is the mobility of a wheelchair!!!

Our first Ohio Restaurant experience was at Bob Evans.  It is a popular Ohio Restaurant
with a down home atmosphere and home cooking.

Elder Pedersen waiting to enjoy his steak & mushrooms!

The District

Elder Larsen, Elder Johnson, Sister LeBaron, Sister Carter, Elder Young, Sister Young, Sister Pedersen, Elder Oringdulph, Elder Pedersen, Elder Mortensen, Elder Ray, Elder Jardine-District Leader 
Most Wednesdays we have district meetings in Zanesville-about a 45 minute drive. After discussing our investigators, we reviewed how important attending church is to renew our baptismal covenants so we feel the spirit and come closer to Christ.
In our second meeting this month after discussing our investigators, we discussed that we are teaching people by the spirit not lessons.We need to bare testimony often.  Our Heavenly Father loves us and we need to listen, love and care for those we meet. Our message is of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon has the power to change lives. Satan wins if we give up.
In our third meeting we discussed how we are accountable to Heavenly Father and our vision needs to be His vision for His children.  When we partake of the Sacrament we are embraced by the grace of the atonement and sanctified.  Don't deny yourselves the blessings that come from worthily partaking of this sacred ordinance.  It is the only ordinance that we partake of for ourselves over and over again.  We love these missionaries and they are great representatives of Jesus Christ. We also got to attend a temple session with our Zone this month.  It was a wonderful experience to be in the temple with these awesome young missionaries.

Enjoying treats after District Meeting!

P-day this week started with cleaning and laundry-Elder Pedersen was really good driving the vacuum cleaner around our little cottage while Sister Pedersen did the laundry.

Love the small closet door!

After that we went over to help the Welkers clean their canned beef and store them-all 94 of them.  They butchered a 700 lb. steer on Saturday.  We also helped them clean up some of the other pots & pans they used to process their beef.  We stayed all afternoon.  We got to use the internet there while Shirley prepared dinner for us.  She stewed some of the fresh beef with gravy and mashed potatoes, home canned green beans, and home canned beets.  They are so self-sufficient.  In a couple of weeks they are going to slaughter 3 hogs and process them for freezing and canning. Then their huge garden goes in & after that more canning. That is if the ground gets dry soon.

Since we are here to serve the community as well as members of the branch we went out in search of ways to serve. First we stopped by the Animal Shelter and met with Chris Sturtz, Ivey, & Jr.  Chris gave us a tour of the facility.  Elder Pedersen met her and her husband the first week we were here.  Next we stopped by the Chamber of Commerce, then the library, and on to Habitat for Humanity.  The director, John, wasn't in so the secretary made an appointment for Elder Pedersen to meet with him on Thursday afternoon.  On Friday Elder Pedersen began helping out at this home on 9th St. He helps out most Tuesdays & Fridays if we are not at other mission or branch activities.

Elder Pedersen tearing out rotted bathroom floor!!!
He is good for it!!

While Elder Pedersen was working at Habitat, Sister Pedersen went up to the Chapel to help the elders and the Welkers clean.
Sister Pedersen mopping the entry!

Elder Johnson cleaning the  fridge!

Sister Welker mopping the men's room!

Elder Larsen setting-up the chapel!!

Saturday morning, March 28, we woke up to 16ºF temps and a dusting of snow.  Off to the hill top chapel to have our Easter egg hunt.  We had a great turn out for our small little branch.  The kids had fun making chicks while Gary and the elders hid the eggs (the Easter bunnies).  The snow, nor the freezing temperature slowed them down at all.  Then they played games before heading home. 

Elder Pedersen talking about the meaning of Easter!

That evening Sister Pedersen rode over to Zanesville with Sister Welker to watch the Women's broadcast.  Before the broadcast we had a dinner and tied quilts for the homeless. Elder Pedersen went
home teaching with President Welker.

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