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June 7, 2015


Coshocton was established in 1811

This monument commemorates the first white settlers in Coshocton in 1776.

Welcome to the City of Coshocton.  
The Made in the USA City!

It is a 200 year old community with a rich history of manufacturing innovations and its local retailers are focused on showcasing made in the USA products.  Besides being the home of the Largest American Flag manufacturer, they have many diverse companies making ductile pipe, cardboard, castings, Oscar Mayer bacon and more.

Ductile Pipe Plant

Cardboard paper mill
Sand Castings

All Oscar Mayer Bacon is produced in Coshocton!!!

In nearby Frazeysburg is the Longaberger Corporation!!
You can design and make your own basket here!!

How do you like these Apples!!!

Elder Pedersen acting like Elder Pedersen!!!!

 Near Newark is the Longaberger Corporate Headquarters!!!
Don't you wish your corporate building looked like this???

Coshocton was the birth place for the Specialty Advertising Industry for refrigerator magnets, company pens and novelty toys, etc., latex coated gloves, March of Dimes, & Pope Gosser China.
It is a small city nestled in the rolling hills of East Central Ohio with a population of about 11,000, where the Tuscarawas and Walhonding Rivers meet to form the Mushkingum River.  

Over the river.....

...and through the woods!!

It is home of the historic canal era 
town of Roscoe Village.

The Toll House!  Purchase your canal boat ride tickets here!

First stop is the Candy Store!  A child's paradise!!

Antique Shop
Medberry's Deli, Specialty Market & Restaurant!!

The Warehouse Restaurant!

Central Ohio Technical College
Coshocton boasts a solid industrial base, unique retail shops, outstanding recreational opportunities and an abundant artistic environment. It is safe and friendly with a "small town" atmosphere, and big city amenities just a short drive away.
Coshocton offers a rich tradition of history and culture, fine schools and community activities.
Come visit us. ..In the Made in the USA City!


This sign shows the entrance to the church because it is hidden behind the trees!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
This is our little branch's building.  It is located above Roscoe Village across from the water tower pictured above.

There are many faiths in this small town and lots of churches.


Popular throughout the state, Bob Evans is a
home-style cooked restaurant!

Our favorite!!

Coshocton has many pizzerias besides the many chain ones 
like Papa John's, Little Caesar's, Domino's, & Pizza Hut!!

Crow Town is a buffet with a nice salad bar!


Coshocton Village Inn & Suites

Main Street

For you, Janae!!!

8:29am  Meeting at 8:30am

City Park

Neighborhood park

City Hall
Paid for by Andrew Carnegie

Original Firehouse

Coshocton County Courthouse

Typical Street

Many homes have stars!!
Many homes have electric candles lite in the windows, especially in the winter months.

Home up near the Chapel!

Brick streets!!



High School

Grocery Shopping!!!

You get your quarter back when you return the basket!!!!
& don't forget your own bags!

Buehler's will deliver your groceries to a covered drive-through!! 


Family History Outings!!

The END!!!

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