Thursday, June 4, 2015

February 18, 2015

We have Arrived in "THE OHIO"

We left Jasen's office in Kentucky around 2 pm and arrived at the mission office in Powell around 5pm.  We were blessed with good weather!  We met our mission president & his wife, President & Sister Daines.  President Daines informed us that Zone conference was in the morning at the stake center in New Albany. We also met other office senior couples.  Elder & Sister Brower, she is my friend Kathy's cousin & he is the area physician, Elder & Sister Byington, and Elder & Sister Ison.  It was sooooo cold, we were freezing.

Blind Faith!!

Elder Byington gave us the address & keys to our cottage in the woods, the elders phone number and we headed to Coshocton.  We were not given any instructions about our responsibilities.  We stopped at a Wendy's in Newark for a quick bite before arriving in Coshocton.

Next we arrived at the McDonald's in Coshocton and called the missionaries to show us where we would be living. They said they would be about 15 minutes so we asked them to meet us at Walmart so we could pick up a few items for we had nooooo room in our car.
This is where we spent much of our time the
first week in the mission.

"This is the cottage place" 

Elder Hauck & Elder Johnson-our private bellhops!

How did we ever get all this "stuff" in our car??????

President Welker and his wife stopped by and brought us some home canned pork stew.  They are converts of just over a year and he was just sustained as the branch President!

84º in Mesa       -9º in Ohio
The next morning we awoke to this beautiful scene from our porch!! Do you see a sidewalk? Now off to the Columbus East Zone Conference at the Stake Center in New Albany usually a 70 minute drive, but it took us about 2 hours in the snow.  Sister Daines was late because of the snow and so were many of the other missionaries!

WE arrived safely!! I don't think we are in Mesa any more!!

Elder Williams & Elder Rawlings (Zone Leader)

Elder Ison and President Daines!

President & Sister Daines are up by the stage!!
The Zone leaders are demonstrating our faaaaavorite activity----role playing!!!
"Make goals and be accountable to the Lord!"

Sister Lebaron & Sister Carter-they are in our district! They are awesome missionaries.

After a scary ride home, we started cleaning and unpacking our belongings.  We trekked over to Walmart to fill Sister Pedersen's prescription, but because it was almost 9pm we had to wait until tomorrow to pick it up.   Thursday we cleaned and put things away before heading back to Walmart to pick up her prescription.  She was in pain so it was good to get drugs!! Elder Pedersen met a wonderful couple who have been married 32 years and had a lovely conversation with them while Sister Pedersen visited the Pharmacy. Friday morning we headed back to New Albany with the elders for the second part of Zone Conference. Afterwards we stopped by Costco as we don't have one near us. We stopped to meet Sister Durham on our way home and had a wonderful visit with her and her granddaughters. 

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