Monday, May 25, 2015

February 16-17, 2015

After 44 hours we finally arrived at our favorite place along our route to the OHIO COLUMBUS Mission.
Their Ole Kentucky Home!!!
When we arrived around 2pm Jasen was making dinner.  It was awesome and good to have a home cooked meal & to rest from driving. We had roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls. It began snowing in the early evening & when we woke up the next morning it had snowed 8-10 inches. It was Presidents' Day, Jasen had to cancel his patients and the kids didn't have school even though it was supposed to be a make-up day. Around noon time Jasen made his way into town to get Chinese food for lunch. It worked out good for our visit because everyone was home!!! A Tender Mercy!

Madelynn fixed Grandpa up for the snow!! SNOW POWER!

Madelynn's friends, Lindsey & Caroline, came over to help shovel
& have a snowball fight !
Where's Jasen?

Girl time!!!! Lindsey, Madelynn, & Caroline.

Juicing Arizona oranges!!  Grandpa's favorite thing to do!!!

The girls making Andrew's favorite!! Grandma's cinnamon rolls!!
Don't know who was doing the video!!

Andrew playing his favorite computer games!!!

Paige & Cole's bonding and tickling time!!

Snow  driving STRESS! 

On our way to Jasen's office.  He & Janae braved their way over early Tuesday
morning to see a few patients and catch up on paperwork!

Grand opening of Jasen's new practice in September, 2014

Dr. Pedersen seeing his favorite patient!  Finally getting
 back at Mom!  OOOUCh!!! 

Sister Pedersen was his last patient of the day and it was just afternoon, so we went over to their favorite restaurant, Gustavo's Mexican, near his office for lunch before heading to the OHIO!!

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