Monday, May 18, 2015

February 13, 2015

The time has arrived for us to leave for our mission!

We are hoping everything squeezes back into the car again!

Elder Pedersen says he prayed on this mountain 46 years ago, "for a good companion and now I have a great eternal companion and she is also my missionary companion".

Leaving Utah Valley around 4:30 pm!  The weather has been great and we are hoping that it will remain that way throughout our trip!!!!!

Along the way when we stopped for gas members of the church recognized our badges & they would ask us where we were serving and wish us success!  We just love these name tags!!!

It was freezing cold when we passed through Vail, CO and fortunately for us we didn't have any car problems and there was no snow on the roads. Ashley went online and booked us a room in this awesome Comfort Inn just outside of Denver.  We arrived there around midnight.  We had a lovely complementary breakfast before heading out to Foristell, MO later that morning. Stopped in Fruita, CO for fuel.

Stopped in Limon, CO for fuel and sunglasses. Elder Pedersen always needs new sunglasses when we are traveling. Since it was Valentine's Day, he purchased a Cadbury Bar with nuts and a snickers bar for Sister Pedersen and bag of Brookside Acai Blueberry for himself from her.

Valentine's Day at the Golden Corral in Hays, Kansas.  
While we were devouring our dinner two couples came up to us and asked if we were a new Missionary couple serving in the area. They ask us if we were coming to church on Sunday. We told them we were on our way to "The OHIO." They would then wish us well but still wished we were staying in their area to serve. We love our Badges!!!!

Some of Sister Pedersen's favorites!!!

Stopped in Independence, MO for fuel and then tried to reach Foristell, MO before it got too late!

Arrived in Foristell around midnight and it was freeezzzzing. This is the internet photo because it was sooooo cold we hurried inside with our one suitcase and took no pictures. Elder Pedersen took us upstairs, no elevator, and then realized our room was on the first floor.  Sooo we drug the bag back down stairs, found our room, prayed and fell into bed. We ate a quick breakfast the next morning. It was so cold the gas pumps were frozen, fortunately we really didn't need gas. Headed to Louisville, KY to visit with Jasen & Janae's family.  Cold but no snow and we were grateful. Because we couldn't pump gas in Foristell we stopped in O'Fallon, IL for fuel and then the last leg of the trip to Kentucky wasn't too far away.  YEAH!!!   GRANDKIDS!!!

Arrived at the old Kentucky home
around 2pm on Sunday, Feb. 17
44 hours later.

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