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February 9, 2015

The MTC Experience!

Breakfast at Tiffany's!

We said good-bye to Joan and headed to Provo, but Elder Pedersen kept wanting to go to the mission home in SLC! Glad we didn't have to go to SLC as there was a huge accident that backed up traffic for miles. Wendy's was the quickest, most convenient place to grab a bite before entering the MTC.

We Have Arrived!

This parking space is for new arrivals only while they check into the MTC.

The welcoming party!
Senior couples arrive on Monday and the elders are all eager to assist you.  They take your bags to your room, give directions, take pictures, and smile a lot! Fortunately for them we didn't unpack our entire belongings!

Finally entering the reception area at the MTC!

We have been TAGGED!!

This sweet sister had as much fun tagging us and we did being tagged.  We feel different now.  This special experience is beyond description! We feel our Savior's love and we are pleased to wear His name over our hearts for the next year as we share His message! After this we set out to acquire our room key and meal ticket.  
This luxury suite for 4 nights with 13 all you can eat meals was a grand total of $98 per couple.  You can't beat the price and the rewards are eternal.  Send in your application today!!!

The Map!!
After our first day at the MTC, we wanted to FaceTime Garth & Ashley and the kids, but we couldn't connect to the internet in our room for some reason so we went to the closest chapel to see if we could connect.  When we arrived in the parking lot we noticed that there were people in the building so we went into the foyer to connect.  Unknown to us, Sister Pedersen left her phone in the chair that she was sitting in when we returned to our room.  As we approached the room she also noticed that her new name tag was missing.  Panic set in! Elder Pedersen hurried back to the chapel and fortunately found both missing items.  The badge was in the parking lot space that we had parked in & the phone was tucked right into the chair she was in.  He was so excited to let Sister Pedersen know he had her badge that he forgot to take the key out of the door. We discovered it there safe and sound the next morning. Fortunately all residents on our floor were senior couples.
Elder & Sister West (Oakland Temple Visitor's Center), Elder & Sister Cheney (District Leader-Lima Peru Office) Sister Moore, our wonderful morning instructor, Elder & Sister Pedersen (Ohio Columbus MLS), and Elder & Sister Unger (Portland Oregon Office).  Younger Elder Unger served in Elder Pedersen's mission at the same time for one week.

Spiritual work is exhausting!
The Senior Couples Coordinator, Elder Taylor, walked by and asked Elder Pedersen for his phone and took this picture.


Brother Teuscher & Sister Wardle
Never a dull moment in our afternoon classes.  These teachers had their hands full with "the" district and especially Elder Unger-the district rebel.  
Role playing was our favorite activity so they had us participate in these activities everyday! LOL!
On two separate occasions we had to meet and teach an investigator (volunteers from the community).  Both times we enjoyed the experience even though we were apprehensive at first. We felt good about both experiences.

This is only one row of washers & dryers

Check out this laundromat.  BYD (bring your detergent) no coins required!

The cafeteria experience at the MTC is quite awesome.  You are not allowed to take pictures in the cafeteria or the classroom settings. One day a giant of a missionary was eating in the cafeteria.  Everyone was trying to get a picture with him (we don't have one to share).  He is the 410 pound, 6'8" newest recruit for BYU's football team from Tonga.  He had recently been in the national NCAA sports news.  He didn't mind people taking a picture with him, but he just wanted to be an ordinary Elder enjoying his MTC experience.

The Cheneys lived in Brentwood when they were first married.

Thursday evening we watched a recorded talk that Elder Bednar gave at the MTC at Christmas.  He reminded us that this is not about us, it is about Him.  The Savior always reached outward, never inward. The amazing thing is that the Savior thinks it is all about us.

We don't seem to have the picture of all the senior couples when we received our training at the MTC.  The group was so large it took 2 pictures to fit us all in. After we received our final instructions regarding our purpose as representatives of Christ and His restored gospel we sang, "Called to Serve".  The spirit was so strong it was breathtaking.   We were on fire with the spirit.  

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