Sunday, May 3, 2015

January 2015

Saying Good-bye

Nancy treated Priscilla & me to lunch at the Texas Roadhouse.  It was a fun time catching up and a nice leisurely lunch.  Good food, good friends. good time. Nancy & I have retired from teaching Culinary Arts, but Priscilla is still hard at it.  She does an awesome job with her students.

Dinner at our favorite restaurant, Charleston's, with our friends Gary & Marce Nuttall.  We all lived in the St. Louis area in the late 70's.  We have been friends for 38 years,  They are leaving for their mission to Lithuania in March.

On January 25, Gary's birthday,  we gave our farewell talks.  Wanda talked about
the attributes of Christ and Gary talked about the grace of  Christ.

Pictured are two of my dear friends & colleagues from Red Mountain High School, Cindy Coppel & Donna Jolly.  We are all now retired, but only from teaching High School.   Another colleague from Mesa High, Priscilla Yazzie, also came. My dear friend & colleague from Mountain View HS, Nancy Cole, wasn't able to attend because she was very ill.
Family members that also attended were Kristin & Justin and their children; Jarom, Katelyn, & Megan; Garth and Ashley and their children; Kaylee, Abbi, & Austin.  Wanda's brother, Terry and his wife, Jolayne and her niece, Adria and her husband, Cheston & their children, Deacon & Lacy. 
That afternoon Kristin, Ashley and Adria prepared a wonderful and delicious dinner for our family to enjoy at our home.   Bradley also came with his sons, Bradon, Reef & Ryder. Gary got to have his favorite-carrot cake for his birthday. What a wonderful day it was for our family. Thank you all for your love, prayers, & support!

Several sisters in our ward decided to get together for lunch and celebrate the Apostles birthdays so that we could learn more about them.  One of the sisters gives a life sketch of a birthday apostle.

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